Michaela Cox


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Andera | United States

"Before working with Coach Michaela, I was struggling with the death of my husband. Because she too has suffered the loss of a spouse, Coach Michaela understood my pain and helped me work through the guilt.

Today I still struggle with many things but I feel more at peace than I ever have. If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one and need guidance and direction, I highly recommend working with Coach Michaela.

Love always wins ❤️"


Kelley | United States

"Before working with Coach Michaela when my fiance passed I did a lot of blaming myself for his death and if I could have done anything to prevent his death. Working with Coach Michaela has allowed me to somewhat be okay with my fiance's death and realized that I couldn't do anything to change the outcome.

Coach Michaela has taught me that it's okay to cry to laugh to be blah because not everyone grieves the same way. It's been two years since my fiance's death and every day I miss him, but I now know he'd want me to not wallow and to be happy.

Coach Michaela has helped me realize that it's absolutely okay to observe dates for just me to have time with my thoughts of him. If anyone is struggling with a loss no  matter what kind of loss it is Coach Michaela is the one to help as she understands."


Liana | United States

"Before working with Coach Michaela, I was struggling with aspects of self-care which involved organization and management of my time and goals and having confidence in my abilities in these areas.

>Because she understands the importance of these things of self-care, Coach Michaela understands my struggle and knows how to help me work through being stuck in getting what I need to do these things.

Today, I have more confidence in myself and abilities. I’m able to manage my time being organized and thus, allowing time to structure my day so that I can do self-care and be my best self, stay on track and reach my goals. I highly recommend working with Coach Michaela."